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Peter De Wilde

Peter de Wilde

Peter De Wilde is the chief executive officer of VISITFLANDERS, the official tourism board of Flanders and Brussels. Flanders, the northern part of Belgium, and its capital Brussels are famous for its rich art and heritage, amazing gastronomy, fashion and cycling. VISITFLANDERS is part of the Flemish Government and supplies the necessary support to render the tourist offer more attractive, stimulates the professionalisation of the tourist sector, promotes Flanders and Brussels internationally as a top tourism destination and stimulates holiday participation (social tourism).

Before he became VISITFLANDERS’ CEO in 2009, Peter De Wilde was a researcher and professor of the French language and French medieval literature at the University of Antwerp. His PhD focused on n 2003 he became head of the Culture Department of the Province of Antwerp and in 2007 Chief of the Cabinet for Culture & Tourism of the City of Antwerp. Since January 2014 he is also president of the European Travel Commission.

The last five years VISITFLANDERS has evolved into a knowledge and strategy driven marketing organization. Together with other tourism actors, VISITFLANDERS wants to develop tourism in and to Flanders and Brussels in a sustainable way, in order to realize more economic return, employment and well-being. VISITFLANDERS provides advise, knowledge and trend insights, financial support and an international network for promotion to the tourism sector within the overall brand and marketing strategy for Flanders.

Cycling and the authentic Flemish cycling culture is one of the four central product lines. The last decennium VISITFLANDERS strongly supported the creation of a unique cycling network that has become a very successful tourism product. The Flemish tourism board also actively gets cycling events and sport organisations involved in the development and international promotion of Flanders. The Tour of Flanders for instance turns out to be a perfect marketing opportunity to raise international awareness for Flanders as a state-of-the-art cycling destination

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